Advice Direct Scotland Lockdown Survation Poll

Advice Direct Scotland has conducted a nationwide Survation Poll assessing public opinion on a number of issues which have compounded by the public health crisis, including employment and travel. In light of the easing of lockdown restrictions in Scotland, we also sought to assess citizens’ feelings on returning to pre-lockdown activities, such as visiting bars and restaurants.

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The results of the poll indicated that over half of Scottish citizens are worried about employment, with 51% of workers either very concerned’ or ‘slightly concerned’ at the prospect of losing their job. The poll also indicated that 6% of Scots have lost their job due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease across Scotland, 66% of those polled advised that they did not feel comfortable going to bars and restaurants again when permitted to do so.

67% of those polled advised that they were not comfortable using public transport after lockdown was lifted.

However, 63% of citizens stated that they were okay with returning to their place of work.

With the return to non-essential shopping on June 29th, more citizens were comfortable to head back to the shops (54%) than not (44%).

Additionally, 50% of those polled stated that they would be comfortable holidaying within the UK this summer, with only 28% stating that they would be comfortable holidaying abroad. offers free, relevant and practical advice on consumer issues, including those affected by the public health crisis and resulting lockdown. You can contact on 0808 164 6000. We are open 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. You can follow us on social media – Twitter: @advicedotscot and Facebook at, Instagram:, or get ahead by visiting our knowledge centre at  

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