Travel Insurance: Ensuring You Have Adequate Cover During COVID-19

Changes to travel insurance policies during the pandemic have already proven problematic for many consumers, with some insurance providers refusing to payout in the event of cancelled holidays.

Consumers purchasing travel insurance policies after March, following the announcement of lockdown, found themselves faced with clauses indicating that they would not be able to claim for things such as cancelled flights, changed or cancelled accommodation and other associated costs resulting from issues caused by the pandemic.

Many insurance policies limit cover in the event of force-majeure or ‘unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract’. Such events include international pandemics.

Potential issues are not just limited to reclaiming money, but also include the practical aspects of finding arrangements to return home in the event of cancelled travel, as well as ensuring accommodation is provided whilst abroad.

Consumers should ensure that they have adequate cover for their travels, carefully checking and researching policies (especially the small print) for exclusions.

Consumers can ensure they are covered by:

  • Checking new policies before purchasing – compare cover with different insurance companies
  • Checking existing policies for levels of cover before they travel – contact the insurance provider for more information,
  • Don’t travel unless they are covered.

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